Elegant and FlowerySummer Wedding in Chicago Suburbs

April 21, 2020

Wedding Day Planning

It was such a pleasure to be a part of Robert & Christina’s wedding day! They are one of the most sweet, kind and easygoing people I’ve ever met! They started planning their wedding photography pretty late and contacted me just a few months before their wedding day. We both lucked out that their date was still available!

Me and my husband wanted our day to be a huge celebration! We wanted to serve our family and friends well through a meaningful ceremony, delicious dinner, and full dessert bar! In terms of style, we wanted to keep it simple, clean, and us. My husband was more than happy to let me make the design choices for our special day when it came to color palette, décor, and style. I opted for a color palette consisting of dusty lavenders, navy, white, eucalyptus greens, and grays.


Getting Ready

For hair and makeup, I researched and practiced my makeup months before the big day and did it myself as I wanted to look like myself on the day off and on wedding photos. And for my hair, a good friend just so happens to be incredible with a curling wand so she did my hair for me. I had it cut and colored at my salon about a week and a half before the wedding which was a little too close for comfort but it all worked out.

The Mother of the Bride wore a stunning flor-length sleeveless navy blue gown:

Groom’s Wedding Attire

My husband had a three piece navy suit custom made by his traveling tailor that comes to Chicago twice a year, which was incredibly affordable and super high quality. He got to select the fabric, lining, features, and brown leather covered buttons on the vest. We are so happy we went the route of buying a nice suit versus renting a tux that a hundred other people have worn. There’s not a lot that better than a man in a nice fitting suit! We paired the suit with a white dress shirt and white silk tie. He wore a Victorinox watch I had gifted to him on the day of our wedding with his initials engraved on the back of the face. He also wore a cognac brown leather belt from Brooks Brothers and Cole Hann dress shoes.

Bride’s Wedding Attire

For me, I opted for a mermaid silhouette in mikado and bodice in Kelly mikado with deep V-armholes with a criss-crossing effect in tulle; V-neck with criss-crossing tulle ribbon detail in the center of the bust; V-back with buttons on train. The silk was heavy and therefore very forgiving. Because of that I didn’t have to wear any special undergarments or feel like I was on display if it had been a crepe material. I knew I wanted something that would show off my figure on our wedding day photos but not be distasteful. I wanted a look that was classic and not trendy so that I could look back in the years to come and not think, ‘What was I thinking?!’. 

My husband is only a few inches taller than me so I decided heels were out of the picture. It took me a long time to find the perfect shoe, and after months of searching, I found a pair of Kate Spade ivory silk flats that were perfect. For jewelry, I was gifted a pair of Tiffany pearl earrings from my husbands grandparents who had both recently passed away. They had hoped I would wear them on my wedding day and I was delighted to do so with much honor. Since my gown was not ornate, my sister let me borrow the bracelet she wore on her wedding day to help add a bit of sparkle.

Bridal Party Wedding Attire

For our bridal party, we decided we didn’t want to burden our friends by making them all go out and buy/rent expensive apparel for our special day. We knew it might be risky color wise but we told all our groomsmen to wear a navy suit as most of them already owned one or were planning on buying one in the near future. But it actually turned out really well in the wedding photography – to me, no one guy stood out with a weird navy.

Also, we had them wear medium to dark brown shoes and belts, white shirts, and silver-gray silk ties. As for the bridesmaids, a friend told me about Birdy Grey. I loved that I could choose a color, and my bridesmaids could pick out whatever style suited them best in that color. For their jewelry, hair and makeup, we kept it simple. Again, I wanted them to look natural on our wedding day photos and like themselves so we all helped each other with hair and makeup because let’s be real, they are already gorgeous and it doesn’t take much to accentuate that natural beauty!

First Look

Our first look was full of anticipation and excitement for us.  It was made that much more special for us because our family and friends that were at the church early could watch us in the courtyard through the big glass windows, however, could not hear what we were saying to each other.


Wedding Ceremony

Our ceremony space was fairly simple. It was in the auditorium of our church so we used large white panels on the stage to block the band setup from view. We also incorporated a large hammered wooden cross, adorned with a floral diagonal line arrangement. The floral arrangement was designed with longer spiral eucalyptus and ruskus, backed with ti leaves and then mixed of white flowers, white dendrobium orchids for length, white carnations tucked in for depth and white roses.  We also used some garland of eucalyptus at the base of the white panels and up-lighting as well. Our isle had simple wreaths of dusty miller and white anemone flowers at the end of the rows. All these amazing floral combinations looked just perfect on our wedding day photos!

Our ceremony and getting to say “I do” to each other was phenomenal.  Saying our marriage vows and making our covenant before God while getting to share such an intimate, deeply personal, and meaningful ceremony with so many family and friends was a blessing we will never forget. Getting to celebrate with our friends was one of our big goals for the day and during the reception we got our wish when we ended up next to a fun set piece to take pictures in front of and we got to meet and laugh with SO many of our guests for over an hour.  We wanted to share the day with as many people as we possibly could, and getting to see so many faces individually was special beyond words.

Wedding Reception Planning

We chose white table cloths with dusty purple-grey linen napkins, and the centerpieces were varied by table. I love flowers and my husband loves reading  so we meshed the two and created centerpieces using stacks of vintage, hard-covered books and mercury glass candle holders as well as vases of fresh florals and greenery that matched the color scheme of the wedding.


Advise from the couple

Something we learned early on in our process is that, while it is great to get feedback from family and trusted friends, unless they are raising a true red flag you as a couple need to be comfortable making the call on how something is going to be and know that not everybody may be happy with your choice.  We each made a list of our three most important things we wanted out of our wedding day and that helped drive our decisions on where to put our money and effort.  Keeping perspective that certain detail decisions which seem like a stressful “big deal” in the moment won’t matter at all 6 months down the line…so focus on the stuff that will matter.  We also  needed to remember that, at the end of the hectic run to throw your big party and get married, you will need to actually BE married to each other and still related to all your family.  This helped us already begin focusing on growing as a team together and loving each other better each day before we got to say “I do”.