Photos you need to have in your wedding album

The days of a wedding album full of posed photographs are long gone. These days, standing next to your loved ones whiling saying “cheese”, just won’t cut it. Your wedding album needs portraits, but it also needs the emotion only candid photographs can render. Not to mention the details that make the day so special, like the rings, the invitations, and the bridal shoes. You don’t want your wedding album to merely serve as a record of who attended your wedding ceremony. You want it to tell the story of your wedding day as you experienced it.

In order to have a perfect wedding album, there are a few photos you will need to have. And because you can’t have a do-over of your special day, you need to let your photographer know what your expectations are.

Here are a few photos you absolutely must have in your wedding album.

The Bridal Gown and Shoes

At this point, you might be thinking – but the dress will be in pretty much every photo, with so many photos of it taken, why do I need more? That may be true, but having photos of the dress by itself can let all the details you love about it shine.

The same goes for the shoes. This may be one you choose to skip, but if you found yourself the perfect pair of shoes to go with your perfect wedding dress, then they deserve their own photos. Wedding shoes definitely don’t get the attention they deserve in your general portrait photos.

The Invitation Suite

You probably saved some extra invitations, but having them carefully arranged by a professional eye makes a great addition to your wedding album. The photos can be taken in the studio or on the wedding day, and if you choose the latter, they can include other details, such as the wedding rings and the wedding flowers, which really makes them come alive.

The Moment You Get Ready

This one goes for both bride and groom. But admittedly, the bride and bridesmaids will make for most of the photos, as their getting-ready process is longer and more complex. This is an intimate moment, perfect for candid snaps, but you can elevate it by getting matching pajamas for your bridal and sipping some mimosas.

The Bridal Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet needs its own special photoshoot. Sure it will be displayed in several other photos, but you should let it shine by itself. It is an item you cannot keep – at least not in all its glory -, so make sure you capture it for eternity.

The First Look

There are many reasons to have a first look, and according to some photographers, most couples are choosing to have one. You can see the attraction, getting to experience the first time you see each other in privacy, being able to touch and talk.
It is also the perfect opportunity for the photographer to get some emotion-filled candid photographs. Since the photographer is involved in organizing the first look, the location, light, and positioning of the bride and groom are optimized to provide the best photos.

The Bridal Party

The bride and groom might be the most important people at a wedding. but they are closely followed by their bridal parties. With complimentary and often matching attire, you want to take the time to properly pose for some snaps with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Be sure to have separate photos of the bridal parties, but also photos of the entire wedding party.

The Venue

Get some photos of your wedding venue before the guests start arriving. All the work you put into choosing the perfect centerpieces, and name tags, deserves to be captured and featured in your wedding album. No detail is too small.

The Portraits

There is no wedding album without the classical wedding portraits. These include solo photographs of the bride and groom and photos of both of them, as newlyweds. Usually, one of these photos ends up framed and hanging on your wall, which is why some couples opt to have their portraits taken before the ceremony, so they have the opportunity to look their best.

The Walk Down the Aisle

Even if you have a first look, the moment you walk down the aisle will be a pivotal moment of your wedding ceremony. It’s a time for emotions to take over, as the bride and groom, and their bridal parties perform their traditional roles. Regardless of who walks you downs the aisle, you will want it captured, as well as your walk back up the aisle as newlyweds.

The Exchange of Rings

The photos taken, as you and your significant other say your vows, and place each other’s rings on, may not be the most flattering. After all, red faces and tears don’t always look cute. But they are a must in every wedding album. The moment you committed to spending your lives together, with all the sentiment it entailed needs to be center stage.

The First Kiss

Be sure to have a long first kiss and give the photographer a good chance to get a perfect picture. This is a moment you can try to recreate, but the original one is unique, and it needs to be a major focus of your wedding album.

The Cake

When it comes to the cake there are two types of pictures you will want to include in your wedding album. Of the cake by itself, so its details can be captured. And of the cutting of the cake. No matter how messy it gets, you will want to remember that moment.

The First Dance

Whether you decide to get creative and perform a well-choreographed dance, or you stick to the classical moves, you want photos of your first dance as a couple. Make sure to also include photos of both of you dancing with your family members.

The Couple’s Departure

The moment you leave your wedding is a great way to close your wedding album. Be sure to organize an exit to remember, and to have photos of the decorated departure car.